All these changes that took place were brought about by Yifu's vision: To be recognized by our customers as the best apparel supply chain services partner.Yifu has a corporate culture in which the customer is the center of all business activities. Thousand of dedicated people from all levels of our organization work together and strive to do their best in order to achieve this vision.

Maintaining speed and cost control are the most vital tasks for companies in the current era of razorthin margins. Yifu must be able to provide fast turnaround for the design-to-delivery (D2D) cycle, offer a timely service, possess the ability to accumulate know-how rapidly, have real-time decisionmaking mechanism, and possess a sound corporate network infrastructure. Only by doing so can Yifu respond quickly to a rapidly changing business environment.

It is the right business model in today's quota-free apparel industry. In a level playing field, customers are looking for suppliers that can provide more products and services, perform faster but still offer a competitive cost.

We faithfully welcome business partners from all over the world to cooperate with us in a desirable way and both our relationships and businesses get progresses as time goes by!